Hagen illustrations

Former professor at Otis College of Art and Design and current chair of the Fashion Design Department at Woodbury University, Kathryn Hagen, has been putting some great tutorials on youtube. While I’m not a fashion illustrator by any means, anyone interested in illustration can learn a lot from watching a masterful use of layers, highlights, and textures. She uses so many different types of pens and pencils, and just layers layers layers on the color. It is mesmerizing to watch the textures emerge.



Find more on her youtube channel or on the Otis one.

Pins and Needles

I made a website this week for Los Angeles’ Pins and Needles pinball parlor. I really think that Pins and Needles is a unique and special place – it’s a labor of love, with a great line-up of prized pinball machines. It also serves as the hub for the Los Angeles Pinball League.┬áTheir previous site wasn’t as effective as it could be, so to help them get some additional business, awareness, and press, I┬ávolunteered to put together a new site for them.

For it, I opted for WordPress, so that the owner could easily update it with new content / blog posts.

pnnIt uses the responsive theme, which is a clean and simple theme, and is suited perfectly for an operation like this. I didn’t add anything fancy – mostly style updates.

If you’re in LA and you like pinball, you should check this place out. They have some great pins.

New comic – Nunchuckti Yoga

I have a new comic up on tiny mix tapes. It’s called The Six Basic Postures of Nunchuckti Yoga. Here’s an example.


I drew this with my new wacom tablet, the Intuous 4 Wireless. The Intuous 5 came out very recently, but after reading a bunch of reviews, and after using a 4, I decided on the 4. Previously, I’d been using a Wacom Bamboo, and I wasn’t impressed by it. I mostly just used it for touch-ups – I’d scan in art, and then clean up all the bad lines in Photoshop. But it would frequently make “phantom” lines. Even when I wasn’t making contact with the tablet, it would often act like I was! Very frustrating, and it made it difficult to undo changes, since there would end up being lots of teensy changes to undo.

Anyway, I had the phrase “nunchuckti yoga” in my head for a few months, but I couldn’t think of how best to express the idea. Then I saw some yoga posture charts, and decided to go with that!

Curren at Hammonds

I snipped this clip out of the 1995 movie Good ‘N Plenty II.

I surfed this day at Hammonds – it was a big, epic winter day – and was on the beach when Curren showed up. He borrowed a board from a guy I went to high school with (Arrow). Check out the Black Flag sticker on it! He paddled out and caught just two waves. Thankfully, someone was filming!

Tom Curren grew up surfing Hammonds. I did, too. It was amazing to see him surf the spot. We were seriously in awe watching him out there. We had spent countless hours watching him in movies. Seeing him whip a tight cutback in person (at his/our home spot!) was a real highlight of my youth.

In recent surfing news, last weekend I surfed at Rincon, and my girlfriend filmed me on a wave! It’s a very small wave – not much to work with – but I got a few little turns in.


scabjarMy collaborator in pinballmap.com, Scott, and our trusty graphic designer, Drew, recently put out an iOS app, iScab.

Pretty funny idea. You grow scabs, pick them, and place them in your scab jar. Picking scabs is a pretty satisfying activity. But I’m definitely more into the idea of possessing a virtual scab jar than a real one. Plus, I haven’t had a real scab in a while – probably because I don’t skateboard much these days.

Update! HuffPo reviewed it.

New comic – buttloads of apps

I have a new comic up on Tiny Mix Tapes called “Buttloads of Apps.”

It features five innovative app ideas.

Here’s one:

And four more. Click here to see them all.

I drew this in a moleskine notebook. And, unfortunately, moleskines have yellow-toned pages. In the past when I’ve scanned in drawings from moleskines, I’ve kept them black and white and then adjusted the tone to make the background butt white. But for this Buttloads of Apps comic I colored them with colored pencil. So adjusting the tone screwed over all of the colors. So, instead I opted to retain the yellowy background within the drawings, but remove it outside of the border. And also process all of the text as black and white. I like how this worked out. There is a lot of white space in the drawings (ALL of the skin, and much of the backgrounds), and I think it looks nice to have that replaced with a warm tone. Still, I kind of wish that moleskines had really white backgrounds.

One time I actually worked on a REAL app. The Pinball Map App. I worked on the UI and some of the graphics.

My surf videos are all gone

Ack! All of those surf videos that I’ve posted to megavideo.com are gone. megavideo.com is no more. That sucks (well, they kind of sucked, too – half of the videos I’d uploaded were permanently “temporarily unavailable”). I’ll try to figure out another way to host/stream them. I have another one to add, too (Above and Beyond).