Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning For The Blind

Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning for the Blind.

Out in 1994, on the All The President’s Men compilation.

Why not compare the recorded version with the live version? Just for fun!

Their 7” on Repercussion is one of my faves. But they put out a lot of stuff! I like how all the members sing (on different songs).

Dannyb beats the boss

I shot this the other day with my phone. The final mode in the Sopranos pinball game has one shot lit at a time, and you have to hit it 3-5 times before another one lights up. You have to make your way through every shot on the playfield, ending with a shot to the open safe in the middle. You can “add a ball” during this by hitting the FISH shot on the far left.

With some coaching from Aaron, he completed the Boss mode (note: I started filming this like 2/3 of the way through the mode). I was playing against Dannyb for a dollar in this match. And this was his first ball. Needless to say he ended up winning my dollar.

Pinball nerdery at its finest.