Crack dat can

Opening a can (soda or beer or whatever) can produce a really satisfying sound. Don’t you agree? So I made a ringtone of that good ol’ ch-cracking sound! Listen to it. Since it is only one second long, it would make a good notification ringtone (like for receiving texts or IMs). 

This was made with a pint-size can of Red Stripe, and an Edirol R-09HR recorder. (note: it doesn’t sound too great on my laptop speakers… but it sounds great with headphones on – hopefully it sounds good on my phone.)

A Giganto Fire Elemental

Here’s a sketch from last session. A giganto fire elemental emerged from some lava after we killed a Derro, and we were like, “Nuts to this!” So we fled. This picture shows Johanna, Cirocco, and Kolm (vaulting over an anvil).