loomis slovak song

Hey, here’s a single song by Loomis Slovak. “Band Stab” from the KSPC compilation, The Basement Tapes: Volume 1. Apparently this song was impossible find online. It’s surprising, because this lp is still available.

Band Stab

Loomis Slovak’s other stuff – a song on Ebullition’s Heartattack #10 comp, and a 7″ called “1917-2917 ยท 1000 Year Reign Of Terror” – are easily found on other sites. So check it out. And enjoy this song. Also, if you’re on facebook, there’s a pretty sweet group called “Mid 90’s” that has a lot of sweet photos and fliers and stuff. Israel from Loomis Slovak (and MITB) is pretty active on it.

Also, these Reach Out videos are great!

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