Harum Scarum – Mental Health

Sorry about the neglect. I can’t find the cover/insert for this CD! This upsets me, because it used to be right there. I meant to post this shortly after the JX:TG. At any rate. Here’s another Portland band from the end of last century. Harum Scarum is all female, playing thrash/crust. They sing about closed circuit cameras on the MAX (light rail trains), sexuality (my favorite song on this matter, and on this record, is Jack), and more. If I find the insert I will scan it and post it, so you can have the lyrics. Dual vocal attack! One a little scratchy and full of energy, the other obscenely brutal and growly. This is a great record.

Harum Scarum
15 tracks. I saw them once, and it was a good show. Not quite as tight as on this album. But still very exciting (I’d bought this CD, listened to it every day for weeks, and then they stopped into town).

Harum Scarum – Mental Health

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