Airplane Ringtone

Here’s a notification tone (for IM or SMS notifications). I recorded it on an airplane last week. It’s the seatbelt on/off tone.

airplane tone

It was noted that a dual-toned “bing bong” would be better. But I guess Southwest doesn’t use a dual-tone…? I might try to match a second tone to it.

When I Die

Here’s another “notification” ringtone. Like, it’s nice to have different tones on your phone to make it so that you know, say, that’s a text; or, that’s an IM; or, that one’s an email!

So that’s how this short ringtone can be useful.

When I die

Hmm Mmm Him

Scott wanted a tone of Al Bundy’s “Hmm Mmm Him.”

So, mmhmmhim.

That audio is taken straight off of youtube. Also, I kind of believe that people should be rewarded for answering the phone quickly, and so… well, that’s not truly what I mean. What I truly mean is that I kind of believe people should be punished for not answering the phone quickly. So, as a punishment of sorts, I made the last half of this a kind of horrid battle between Al and the laughing audience. And he’s only able to get them to stop cutting him off by singing the actual lyrics. But even then their laughter lingers a bit, so he yells out something else. And that mostly shuts them up. The end.

Jurassic Park NES

I’m not sure why the theme music for the Jurassic Park Nintendo game is so much different than the movie. But it is, and it makes a nice ringtone. Here it is. I got a G1 Android phone a few weeks ago, and have been busy loading up the tones. I haven’t made many fresh homemade ones, though, but they’ll come soon enough. For alert sounds I’ve been using the “item obtained” tunes from Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Metroid. Pretty awesome!

sassy in the grass

Here is a short recording of the room during last friday’s ping pong club meeting. ping pong club.

‘Notha Ringtone

‘notha ringtone. This one is from one of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons – the one in which Marge starts a mobile pretzel business. This line has been ringing in my head for years, so I thought I’d commemorate it as a ringtone. I was going to add some music from my synth, but I can’t find my 1/8 dual mono to 1/8 stereo cord! Blah!

Not Kidding

So it’s just the one line, plus some surrounding dialog/sounds.


Hey what’s up,

Consider this post your notification that I added two more ringtones to the ringtone page.

One is of my nephew crying. What if you had the power to make a baby stop crying simply by answering your phone? With this ringtone on your phone, now you can.

The other is from a trip to the coast. It features the sounds of a bit of water trickling through some rocks, and feet on sand, and a stinky bass beat to get your ass moving… to pick up your phone.

California Republic – that is the land from whence I once hailed.

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