Tit Wrench Ringtone + Album

First off, here’s a ringtone. It takes a couple samples from the Tit Wrench song, Life Sucks, Do Me.

Download it

And then I thought I would post the album this came from. Tit Wrench – Full Employment.

You might know them from the Fear of Smell compilation (that song, Self Storage, is on this album). I have a lot of trouble describing this band. They employ industrial-sounding drum machines, with driving beats, synthesized vocals, and lots of samples. They remind me of Leather Strip. But they have punk rock roots; their tone is upbeat and humorous, and Vinyl Communication put out their stuff. I’ve had this CD for a long long time.

m4a format:
-Download Tit Wrench-

Cracking Open a Can

Can Opening 2

I got some feedback about the Cracking Open a Can Notification Ringtone that I posted last night. The feedback boiled down to: it lacked the KCHKCHAAAAA that a satisfyingly cracked can can produce. And, somewhat reluctantly, I had to agree. So I had another go at it tonight. I cracked another can of Red Stripe. Then I laid down the audio of the new can on top of last night’s can; did some more editing; and here we are. I still think it lacks some of the sizzle that lingers after the can’s been cracked. But it definitely has more punch to it during the crack.

Crack dat can

Opening a can (soda or beer or whatever) can produce a really satisfying sound. Don’t you agree? So I made a ringtone of that good ol’ ch-cracking sound! Listen to it. Since it is only one second long, it would make a good notification ringtone (like for receiving texts or IMs). 

This was made with a pint-size can of Red Stripe, and an Edirol R-09HR recorder. (note: it doesn’t sound too great on my laptop speakers… but it sounds great with headphones on – hopefully it sounds good on my phone.)