End of the Line

Ricardo requested this. Here’s the 9 song End of the Line lp, released in 1993 on Ebullition. I’m fairly certain this is still available from Ebullition, and so the best way to obtain it is probably to ask your local record store to order it. I’m also really certain that Kent would be super stoked to be rid of them.

End of the Line has three members from Heroin, and one (the singer) from John Henry West / Han Shan. The drummer, Aaron, is currently in the Portland band, Dangerous Boys Club (he drummed in Heroin and sang in Antioch Arrow… so check out his current band). So… this lp should already be familiar?

Here’s the last song on side a.

When I was first learning to drum, I emulated this style. I basically learned by listening to Heroin and this lp on my headphones while I practiced. It took me a while to get this fast beat down – two high hat hits, two snare hits, four bass hits, one cymbal: REPEAT. I hadn’t heard it before Heroin. But then Mohinder, Antioch Arrow, and a few others repeated it exactly. I gathered that this was the way to play fast. And it’s much more interesting than straight blast beats or speed metal beats. Still, when I played in this machine kills I didn’t really have it correct – I didn’t get it straight until the band after that (but, no recordings exist!)

This lp is all they recorded. They had a version of Burning Down on the Give Me Back compilation (1991).

One thing amuses me: to think about how the big mainstream fad at this time was “grunge” music. To think about how Nirvana and Soundgarden – at the time even – appealed to my parents, but how bands like this one really took punk and said, “I’m speeding it up, I’m making it heavier and crazier and fuck sitting around in a studio polishing our cymbals, here’s some loud, fast, spazzy shit!” And they didn’t need to dress the part, either.

End of the Line

The Sound of Thumbnail

Here’s the Thumbnail 7″ – The Sound of Thumbnail. File Thirteen Records, 1994.

I like Thumbnail a lot. I see them as like a mix between Car Vs Driver and (early) Unwound and Iconoclast and…Shotmaker. Is that crazy? I dunno. They’re steady, linear, not too fast, guided by bass and drums. I like their drummer¬†– pretty snare-driven style, which is fun to drum along to.

All I’ve found online is their s/t album (which is great… and I just uploaded it! click here to d/l. 50mb), and a couple other miscellaneous songs. So I thought I’d share this one. 4 songs. I had this on tape for years, recorded from a friend’s record. But then I found my own copy of the record a couple days ago! Nice find – only took me 15 years…

I also added an extra song to this zip – their track, Sore Throat, from the We’ve Lost Beauty compilation. It’s a good song, so why not?

Here’s a track from this seven inch, to get you started.

download The Sound of Thumbnail

Pankration / The Red Scare – split 7″

Here’s the split 7″ with Pankration and The Red Scare. I borrowed this from my friend Nate. And it’s a fresh rec, so check it out.

This was put out by Donut Friends in 1996. One song each. And the Pankration (pronounced pan-krat-tee-on, from what I’ve heard) is under 2 minutes long. Both bands remind me a bit of Puritan and Ettil Vrye. Harsh vocals, snappy snares.

download Pankration / Red Scare


Here’s three seven inches featuring Laceration.

Laceration / Avulsion – split 7″
Laceration / Agoraphobic Nosebleed – split 7″
Prototype – comp 7″
(on the comp are also Default, Unsettled, Disdain, Ulcer, and Apartment 213)

All these bands are included in the zip.

avulsion laceration

I’ve had this record forever. I borrowed the other two records from DJ Invisible Touch.

Here’s a track, Duct Tape, from the Avulsion split.

The lyrics: “Saves my shoes. Saves me money. Duct Tape. Thank You.”

Basically, Laceration play short, fast, dirty thrash. Songs about the suckage of cops, fashion punks, cranky old people, and so on. I like the songs on the Avulsion split more than the ones on these other releases. The others seem similar… more of the same, but they aren’t drilled into my head like the ones on the Avulsion split are.

Avulsion is rad. Basically dual-vocaled grindcore, with (at times) Slayer-esque guitar riffs. Songs about not being into drugs, etc. Pitch-shifted vocals.

These are all from around 1996. Scans of the covers and inserts are included. About 40mb. About 35 tracks total.

-Download the seven inches-

The High Numbers

I was sorting my records over the weekend, and came across this 45 with no cover, just a paper sleeve. So I searched my memory banks and discovered that this is my dad’s high school band! He’s on drums. It’s from 1965, which I believe was his senior year. They called themselves The High Numbers, which is a name totally stolen from The Who (The Who temporarily changed their name to The High Numbers at one point). From what he’s told me, he played in a couple other bands in high school, one of them was called The Gratzmen (My dad’s name is Alan Gratzer, and he was pretty charismatic and funny and took a leader role in bands). But I don’t think those other bands recorded anything.

This is my dad’s description of this record:

The year was probably 1965 and we recorded it in downtown Chicago. We made up a record name ‘Ocean’ because we were looking out at Lake Michigan and thought it looked like the ocean. I think we also used the name of the Yardbirds or Stones producer on the record because we thought that sounded cool (highly illegal!). We recorded everything live with no overdubs with a minimum of takes because we couldn’t afford much time. I think it was either the studio or somewhere else we found that pressed 1 or 2 hundred copies which we just kind of gave away to people…all done very quickly and on the cheap, but we were proud at the time. Dad

Here’s a picture of my dad from a couple years earlier (he looked younger than he was; he was 90 pounds when he graduated high school):


After high school, he attended the University of Illinois. During the first year he and his dorm mate, Neil Doughty, started REO Speedwagon. And my dad was the drummer of REO for the next 21 years. Here is a picture of him from the back cover of REO’s first album.

And here he is rocking out in the early ’80s!

alan rocking

In the very early days of REO (and in earlier high school and college bands), he would sing and play drums. But no recordings from those times were ever made. And he’s bummed out about that. But still, it’s nice to have at least one 45 from the pre-REO days.

This record contains two songs – High Heel Sneakers, and I’m A Man. Both are blues-driven pop songs. The recording is not the greatest, but that’s part of the charm! As only 100-200 of these were pressed in 1965, the chances are great that none of you have ever heard this record (I doubt my dad’s even listened to it in over a decade). So, here you go!

-download The High Numbers-

In/Humanity – Gets Killed by Robots

I recently picked up In/Humanity‘s Gets Killed by Robots 7″. Previously, I’d only heard a couple songs of theirs from comps (Amnesia, and I Can’t Live Without It), and while I liked those songs, I failed to seek out more. But this 7″ is rad. So here it is!

Also, you can snag their entire discog from Illogical Contraption. Apparently it was mixed differently than the original material – so that’s, in part, why you may want to d/l this 7″ in addition to getting the discography.


In an interview, the singer, Chris Bickel, says that this 7″ marks the point where In/Humanity first started getting good. It’s sort of wild, and artsy/unusual, loud/soft (emo violence! – Bickel’s terms). Reminds me a bit of Assfactor 4 crossed with Hose.Got.Cable. This came out in 1994.

Excuse the crackles. And I scanned the insert. It has some cool stuff.


The Search II – Soundtrack

Here’s the 2nd movie in the Search series: The Search II!

search ii

I have some trouble choosing a favorite in the Search series, but I will say that there are times when this one tops them all for me. It might have something to do with how it ends with a calm montage showing empty line-ups, African street art, and boats sitting alone in the Indian Ocean. Like the first Search, much of the action takes place in Africa (with a stop or two in Bali). Curren is at his peak (luckily, it’s a peak that’s lasted a good while). And Shane Beschen and Brock Little join the crew.

search ii

Unlike the soundtrack from the first Search, this one contains songs with vocals. Track 6, 7, and 8 are all by African artists. I’ve heard a couple versions of this song, Nehamusasa, but I think the one on this soundtrack is the most solid of them all. Listen:

search ii

For the “high octane” sequence they chose an Offspring song. I don’t really think it fits in with the rest of the songs, and I usually skip it when listening to this soundtrack. Overall, though, this soundtrack is a great compliment to the first Search’s. Guitar-driven jams, audio-clips from their travels, etc.

Some months ago I posted this segment from the video. Two songs worth:

Once again, this was recorded from VHS to DVD, and then the audio was extracted. It is crackly at times, and I can’t always tell if that’s from the VHS tape, or from the songs themselves. Also, I made up the song titles. I don’t think I’ll be posting The Search III: Beyond the Boundaries. It is a great surf movie, and carries on the feel of the first two – but the soundtrack has quite a few commercial rock songs (like, post-Pearl Jam’s “Ten” -type bands), and I don’t want to step on any toes by posting it. But, maybe I’ll change my mind.

download The Search II soundtrack

The Search – Soundtrack

Kinda like the Bali High soundtrack, here’s a soundtrack from a surf video. This one’s from the ’90s! The Search, The Search II, and The Search III (Beyond the Boundaries) are my three favorite surf movies of all time. And I think of those three, The Search II tops them all. But just barely. And only when I feel like it. I’ll have that soundtrack up shortly, but first here’s The Search: An Indian Ocean Sojourn.


The Search follows the Rip Curl team as they takes big boats around to exotic locales around Southern Africa (they also drive to spots). And there’s some Bali. This series (there are five in total… I believe – I have five of them, at least) was made by Sonny Miller. And he did a great job. You get a great sense of the adventure, and of the foreignness of the countries they visit. He makes a point to intersperse landscape shots – signs, businesses, people, animals, underwater, etc. It’s shot with style, and the surfers are great. And he fits in some local music. Unlike Bali High, there is no narration. But you will hear some chattering in between songs. One funny part is when they’re at Frankie’s house in South Africa, and are trying to jam in the basement, and his dad keeps flashing the lights and hitting the floor to tell them to shut up. “It comes up through the floor. The whole floor vibrates!” (what you can’t see is that he’s holding a washcloth when he says this, and inadvertently makes a “jacking off” motion with his hand – the whole floor vibrates!)

This soundtrack is pretty much all instrumentals. There’s a focus on jazzy tunes, and there are also heavy screaming surf guitar vibrations. I don’t know the bands – I could probably stare hard at the credits to figure it out. But even then it’s difficult to tell which listing is for which song. Many of them are Tom Curren’s (a featured surfer) band. Near the beginning they pop into a cave and show him and his mates jamming. Other songs are by, I think, Satriani.


This tune is a top fave of mine. This is when they leave the city behind for the country, and hit up some kind of big beach break. When I first got this video I was really excited to come across this section. Curren had recently been featured on the cover of Surfer Magazine (as a sequence of photographs). And when the video got to this section, I could tell right away that this was that session – from the color of the water, mostly. Also, this was during the rioting and protesting of apartheid – and we see clips of some of that action overlapping the session. The guitar on this song basically sings the song. It tells a tale, speaking a language all its own. And the organ provides a nice atmosphere.

download entire soundtrack

Once again, this rip is from a VHS tape that I transferred to DVD, and then ripped the audio off of. I think it’s a great soundtrack. And I’ll have The Search II up here soon!