Nuzzle – untitled cassette (demo)

I was going through my ipod, and thought I’d share this. It’s Nuzzle’s demo tape. Nuzzle’s “Anchors Astreigh” 7” is the first record I posted on my music blog! And this demo contains a couple songs from that 7” (it’s very cool to hear these other versions). This tape was transferred to mp3 last year by Ryan (from Honeywell, Los Cincos, Volume 11). He sent it to me, and noted that after sending it to Nuzzle’s singer, he responded with “this is the first demo we made when I switched to vocals, barring that first track of course.”

I think this tape and the Anchors Astreigh 7” are their best material. I’m not so into their other records (with other vocals, and a more persistently laid-back sound). This came out around 1993 – and they were from Rosemead, California. If you’re into slightly melodic and also frenzied and harsh lo-fi hardcore, then you’ll like this!. You can definitely hear them channeling Indian Summer at times, with the powerful, energetic parts filled with dual-screams. And also Reach Out during the harsher moments? And also Unwound (Fake Train era)..??

Download it here.

Jim Banks, Bali, circa 1980

Jim Banks, Bali, circa 1980. From Bali High.

Sorry, this gif is a little larger than usual.

I remember occasionally reading about Jim Banks in surf mags – usually a picture of him deep in a clean barrel, with a mention of how he retired from the pro circuit when still really young, and spent the rest of his years (decades) surfing in Indo.