Summertime Compilation

Finally! I found the Summertime compilation online. The Snack Attack blog posted it. Thanks! That took way too many years, internet.

I owned this comp, but (as my comment on the blog I linked to says) I lent it to a friend’s bf, and he never gave it back. He also snagged my Ruhaeda CD and Party of Helicopters CD. Luckily I still had the vinyl for those two! But the Summertime comp was only released on CD. I still have the booklet.

This came out in 2000. If you’re looking for late ’90s / early ’00s screamy hardcore, this is a good comp for it. Personally, I think of it as the successor to the Israfel comp. Some notes: The Numbers Are Neutral and Off Minor songs are off their demos, and are great. (I’m not spotting much Numbers Are Neutral songs on the internet right now, and I have this demo, so I may try to transfer it at some point.) The Assistant‘s song is probably my favorite one off of their CD – the drumming is just freaking insane all the way through. Doesn’t Pg. 99’s singer always sound like he’s underwater? He does to me. Usurp Synapse blows minds, like usual. I like The Cable Car Theory’s track. I like those less-screamy vocals mixed with fast, shredding drums. I’ll try to check out more of their stuff. Did their members come from other bands I should know?

I downloaded (148mb) it from Snack Attack, and saw that it doesn’t have the scan of the booklet. So, I scanned it! And this is basically why I’m making this post – though I do think more people should check out this comp, as it may have slipped by you. Download the insert here (4.5mb PDF). Many of the bands have lyrics/info pages. And there’s some writing from the guy who put it out.

summertime comp cover

SEO yall:

Five Stars For Failure
Joshua Fit For Battle
Knives & Greenwater
Neil Perry
Numbers Are Neutral
Off Minor
Pg. 99
The Assistant
The Awakened
The Cable Car Theory
The Keyboard Masters
The Scarlet Letter
The Vida Blue
To Dream Of Autumn
Usurp Synapse

Dannyb beats the boss

I shot this the other day with my phone. The final mode in the Sopranos pinball game has one shot lit at a time, and you have to hit it 3-5 times before another one lights up. You have to make your way through every shot on the playfield, ending with a shot to the open safe in the middle. You can “add a ball” during this by hitting the FISH shot on the far left.

With some coaching from Aaron, he completed the Boss mode (note: I started filming this like 2/3 of the way through the mode). I was playing against Dannyb for a dollar in this match. And this was his first ball. Needless to say he ended up winning my dollar.

Pinball nerdery at its finest.

Superhero Mayor

Yay, the Portland Mercury posted a drawing I did for the “Make Mayor Sam Adams a Super Hero” contest for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest. Here’s the post. And here’s the drawing:

I have some ideas for other stellar super hero personas for our cool mayor, and I think I’ll draw them. Also, I saw the mayor last Friday night at a newly-opened bar/restaurant.