Schwinging in Space

Here’s another comic I did for Tiny Mix Tapes. It’s called “Schwinging in Space.”

schwinging in space

The astronaut is Lance Bass.

One time I wrote a piece of McGriddle fan fiction, with Lance Bass as the main character. He was a diabolical scientist trying to get into outerspace. Read it here (page 15). The story is called, “McGriddles in Space. Or: Will a Vacuum-Sealed McGriddle That’s Injected With Space Matter in Order to Expand Back to Normal Taste Just as Good as a Fresh One on Earth?” So this comic is sort of the sequel to that.

The Sound of Thumbnail

Here’s the Thumbnail 7″ – The Sound of Thumbnail. File Thirteen Records, 1994.

I like Thumbnail a lot. I see them as like a mix between Car Vs Driver and (early) Unwound and Iconoclast and…Shotmaker. Is that crazy? I dunno. They’re steady, linear, not too fast, guided by bass and drums. I like their drummer – pretty snare-driven style, which is fun to drum along to.

All I’ve found online is their s/t album (which is great… and I just uploaded it! click here to d/l. 50mb), and a couple other miscellaneous songs. So I thought I’d share this one. 4 songs. I had this on tape for years, recorded from a friend’s record. But then I found my own copy of the record a couple days ago! Nice find – only took me 15 years…

I also added an extra song to this zip – their track, Sore Throat, from the We’ve Lost Beauty compilation. It’s a good song, so why not?

Here’s a track from this seven inch, to get you started.

download The Sound of Thumbnail

Pankration / The Red Scare – split 7″

Here’s the split 7″ with Pankration and The Red Scare. I borrowed this from my friend Nate. And it’s a fresh rec, so check it out.

This was put out by Donut Friends in 1996. One song each. And the Pankration (pronounced pan-krat-tee-on, from what I’ve heard) is under 2 minutes long. Both bands remind me a bit of Puritan and Ettil Vrye. Harsh vocals, snappy snares.

download Pankration / Red Scare