Jah Light Shining Bright

jah light shining bright.


I said it once, but I’ll say it again: Now that everyone is all “irie” from listening to the reggae mixtape I posted a few days ago, I thought I&I would share one more tasty song. This one comes from the Rip Curl movie, The Search II. The three Search flicks are my favorite surf movies. I watched them A LOT when I was a kid. I included two songs in this segment (I meant to just post the first clip, but the second song is so good that I included that, too). The first song is an attempt to break the stereotype that rastamans are only about smoking ganj. But for kids like me, the result of listening to it over and over was that for a few years we replaced the common phrase, “Yeah right” with “Jah light.”

New Sweater

Stacy embroidered that sweater and presented it to me.

I just realized that this quarter I’m substituting ping pong club for taking a class (should I say that oppositely?). The club meets four days a week. And I plan to attend two to three meetings a week this term.

Final Reminder

It’s closed now.

Heya, final reminder, in case you were planning to submit something for the ‘zine. Sock it to me by Friday. If you feel like you want to submit something, but don’t know what to submit, then you can start by submitting a question to me (preferably, in the comments). While your question won’t really be useful for the ‘zine, at least it might satiate your desire to “submit” something. And anything is better than nothing.

Here’s an example of a type of question I’ve received a few times (this is straight out of a chat!):

Q: mostly, you want people to kind of talk about how awesome mcgriddles are, right? at least not like, rant about them.

A: yes, ranting is stupid and not funny. and usually not “fiction.” if a mcgriddle killed your mom, then yeah, you can rant. if mcdonald’s sucks and meat is murder, then no.

Question solved!

Anyway, I’ve received some cool stuff, and I’m expecting more soon. I think this will come out well. But I have like three weeks to get it all ready! Ack. I think I can do it – I have to do it.


Hey what’s up,

Consider this post your notification that I added two more ringtones to the ringtone page.

One is of my nephew crying. What if you had the power to make a baby stop crying simply by answering your phone? With this ringtone on your phone, now you can.

The other is from a trip to the coast. It features the sounds of a bit of water trickling through some rocks, and feet on sand, and a stinky bass beat to get your ass moving… to pick up your phone.

California Republic – that is the land from whence I once hailed.

Pillar of Community

Regular Readers

For posterity. This is closed.

Regular readers will remember the post I made back on Oct. 20th about fantasical fantasy fan fiction, or “fanfic,” for short. If you’re not regular: in the post I went on and on about McGriddles, and how writing fictional stories about them is a whole lot of fun, and how you should try it, too. I also expressed an interest in writing more fanfic about other stuff. Later on (after the post) I did write more, and the process reaffirmed the feelings I experienced that first time.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m now working on putting together a compilation of McGriddle fanfic, and I’m hoping to get submissions for it. I’ll be contributing my own new works and everything, but I don’t want to be limited by just me. I want you all to look at yourself, and at the McGriddle, and then find like a fault or something that isn’t quite right and you’d like to change – and then fix that fault and/or make that change! AKA write some fiction! (Fiction also works vice versa to this – like, you can find something awesome, and then, through fiction, mess it up.) The world is yours.


What if I’ve never “eaten” a McGriddle?

A: Wrong question. And anyway, if you think about it like I am, the answer is irrelevent.

Next: How long should it be, and when should it be turned in to you?

A: make it as long or longer (or, if you want to do it in a different way, make it shorter) as the story I wrote that’s linked above. And I want to have this compiled in a ‘zine by the time the Portland Zine Symposium rolls around. That’s late July. So please turn something in by late June/early July.

What if I can’t write a story very well?

A: Then you better learn to draw something very well! HAHAHAHAHA!!


What else?

A: GO!