Harum Scarum – Mental Health

Sorry about the neglect. I can’t find the cover/insert for this CD! This upsets me, because it used to be right there. I meant to post this shortly after the JX:TG. At any rate. Here’s another Portland band from the end of last century. Harum Scarum is all female, playing thrash/crust. They sing about closed circuit cameras on the MAX (light rail trains), sexuality (my favorite song on this matter, and on this record, is Jack), and more. If I find the insert I will scan it and post it, so you can have the lyrics. Dual vocal attack! One a little scratchy and full of energy, the other obscenely brutal and growly. This is a great record.

Harum Scarum
15 tracks. I saw them once, and it was a good show. Not quite as tight as on this album. But still very exciting (I’d bought this CD, listened to it every day for weeks, and then they stopped into town).

Harum Scarum – Mental Health

JonnyX and the Groadies

I think I know how I’m spending my Fourth of July! JonnyX and the Groadies are playing down the street, at Worksound (well, down like 20 streets). It lames me out to say that I have yet to go to a JX:ATG show in Portland. They are from here, and they play shows all the time. What gives? I don’t know, except I do know that I can’t sit here and dwell on my past missteps. That’s not what the Fourth of July is about, anyway. This day is about remembering our past awesome steps, where we did cool stuff like see JonnyX and the Groadies in a different city. So, the last and only time I saw them was back in 1999, at the Pickle Patch in Isla Vista, CA. I brought a rocker friend along (was Party of Helicopters also playing this show? I think so), and we stood around and waited to see what the opener was all about. As we stood, a sweet-looking bespectacled boy came up and talked to us. He was friendly, and that made us wary. We also may have been wary because he was wearing a mesh shirt, women’s underwear, and nothing else. As I was about to ask, “so, are you in one of the bands?” he stepped behind the drum kit, the other band members merged to their instruments, and they all erupted into one of the most brutal, spastic, and fast sets I’ve ever witnessed. It was wonderful. I particularly remember them playing the last song on this CD, with the singer flopping onto the floor and writhing around in agony during the insane part.

Nowadays, JX:ATG doesn’t have a drummer. They use drum machines, and they have more synthesizers and lasers. And they still totally rip. And the shows look like a lot of fun.

JonnyX and the Groadies – gettinjiggywitit

Trying this doohicky:

Hers Never Existed

Here’s a seven inch record by Oakland band Hers Never Existed. This came out around 1998 on Big Mama Records (I put 1999 in the tags – sorry). They also put out a couple lps and at least one comp song (“Critical Pedagogy”). And it looks like the four songs from this record were included on the “A Static State of Developmental Disability” lp. So if you like these songs, maybe try buying that full length (New Disorder).

Hers Never Existed cover

They’re an all-female trio, and remind me a bit of Sleater-Kinney. Big guitar, relentless, snare-driven drumming. Soaring vocals!

Hers Never Existed

In addition, my film-mate and I just finished up the trailer to our cats and skateboarding series, Sassy Moves Today. We’re happy with it. It was a long journey to the Power of Love Ollie. But we made it. And we’re all the better for it.