Champions of the Bleeding Heart / Black Label

This split 7″ was lent to me by an old band mate. But then we broke up, and he moved away, and I didn’t get a chance to give it back (along with a few other 7″‘s). I feel bad about it. So, Tobias, if you ever read this, gimme your address and I’ll send them your way. Sorry.

At any rate! Champions of the Bleeding Heart, from Bakersfield, CA, featured members that figured in such bands as Shahrazad (who put out a split 10″ with Makara), The Acrylics, My Increment, and Vendetta Red. Their song on this split is flaming fast and loud. It’s tough to find their stuff, so here’s one song for you to enjoy.

I don’t know anything about Black Label. They have two songs on here. At first the singer sounds a little snotty. But the guitar shreds and the drums are all over the place. The second song is my favorite of the two; it’s explosive and fast, and has a neat part where the guitar winds around while the drummer has some sick fills. (Reminds me just a bit of Ettil Vrye… though I’m sure that’s not a very accurate comparison; it just does. So there.)

This was put out by a Santa Cruz label, Matinee. The label info is written with pen on the back cover. Zip has insert with lyrics.

Champions of the Bleeding Heart / Black Label – split 7″

Use This Coupon

Like the record in the previous post, this one landed in my loving arms after emerging from a basement about four years after being out of print. Along with The Beatles and some other bands, Constatine Sankathi is up there, in the highest realm imaginable, with my favorite bands. But despite owning their discography CD, I never had any of their stuff on vinyl. I think I never tried too hard to search out vinyl because the insert with the discography is so comprehensive, and so I felt like I had everything I needed.

But I’m obviously not going to not buy one of their records. This 12″ compilation, Use This Coupon, released by Slave Cut Records, features Constatine Sankathi, Car Vs Driver, Bakamono, The Trigger Quintet, Nuclear Winter, and Bubblejug. Not a cluttered comp – one song each – four on one side, two on the other. Not a weak one in the bunch.

The Constatine Sankathi song — if you’re crosschecking the discography — is “Classical Part 2.” This recording is nearly a minute shorter than the Part 1 recording, and a bit grittier.

The Car Vs Driver song, “Dragonfly,” is melodic and driving, much like their song on the Amnesia comp, and also their last, and amazing, album, Out of a Silent Sky.

I must say that I disagree with the mastering of this record. After transferring it, and thus being forced to listen to each track and spike very closely, I think they mixed it too high (maybe that’s not the mastering part?). It’s not my transfer that sort of blows out at the loud parts, it’s the record. But anyway, it still sounds good, and it shouldn’t at all stop you from downloading it.

I hadn’t heard Bakamono or The Trigger Quintet before. Bakamono reminds me a little of Bev Clone. Incidentally, I’ll probably post the 26th 7″ comp next, which features Constatine Sankathi and Bev Clone, among others. If anyone has any Bakamono or The Trigger Quintet, please tell me, because I’d like to hear it. I’m in love with the drumming on The Trigger Quintet. (And also, CS and CvsD are bands containing my hero drummers.)

Side B has Nuclear Winter and Bubblejug, both female-fronted bands (well, not technically, since Bubbejug has both female and male vocals…). Nuclear Winter isn’t the tightest band out there, but it’s a good song. They remind me a little of Fisticuffs Bluff. Maybe it’s just her voice, though. Bubblejug make awesome use of overlapping vocals, each telling a distinct story.
Insert as pdf, so you can follow along!

Use This Coupon.

Edit (5/18/09)! I just checked my stizats and noticed that a lot of people still like downloading this. I gave it a listen the other day, and I thought the transfer kind of sucked – like, it seemed like the levels were peaking too often. What do you think? Should I re-transfer this? thanks.

Julia and Sunshine


This split 7″ with Julia and Sunshine arrived out of nowhere one day while I was doing handywork at Ebullition (well, somewhere mostly unknown to me… I think it came from someone’s basement). This was far after Julia broke up. Their song on here is titled, “Our Last Song.”

Incidentally, I was at their final show, at the Living Room in Goleta, in 1996. That was the first time I ever heard them, so I wasn’t familiar with their songs. However, it was obviously a big deal to everyone that they were there playing their last show. I remember it being a great set, wrought with emotion and finality. The crowd’s final ovation lasted a few minutes.

I find this recording to be fitting as their last song, because it reminds me a lot of their set that night. The recording even sounds live. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this really is a recording of the last song they played.

Apologies for the crackliness at the beginning. It’s green vinyl, and did not come with a freaking sleeve, and so it’s not in the most stellar condition.


Shortly before getting this record, I bought the Sunshine Necromance CD. It’s an energetic, dancy, tight album, with strong pop hooks and occasional laserbeam sounds. The song on this split, though, is more subdued and emo. I like what they became. I have Velvet Suicide, too, but I never listened to it much. Necromance is great. Read a review on of the re-release of Necromance with, as a bonus track, the song on this split: Astral Love!

Somehow they fit a nine and a half minute song on one side of a 7″. Way to go guys.

This was put out by the Czech label, Day After Records.

Julia/Sunshine split 7″