Outgoing Phone Message Archives: A Saga of Cohabitational Love

(Notes: This is a fictional archive documenting the rise and fall of a relationship through the outgoing messages recorded onto a message machine. I wrote it mostly because I felt like writing a cool rap — see message number six. And the rap is the reason why the names are real. I mean, rappers have to use their songs to spell out their names, right? That’s a rule. And it’s part of the reason we rap: we rap hard; we spell hard. So there I was taking a shower one day, rapping it up, and I needed some names to spell — and quick! The first ones that came were the names of mine and my ex-girlfriend’s.
But besides that the rest of the following exchange is fake. She wasn’t into making dorky outgoing messages on our machine, so none of this ever happened. Except us breaking up.
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