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Here’s a notification tone (for IM or SMS notifications). I recorded it on an airplane last week. It’s the seatbelt on/off tone.

airplane tone

It was noted that a dual-toned “bing bong” would be better. But I guess Southwest doesn’t use a dual-tone…? I might try to match a second tone to it.


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Here’s another “notification” ringtone. Like, it’s nice to have different tones on your phone to make it so that you know, say, that’s a text; or, that’s an IM; or, that one’s an email!

So that’s how this short ringtone can be useful.

When I die


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Scott wanted a tone of Al Bundy’s “Hmm Mmm Him.”

So, mmhmmhim.

That audio is taken straight off of youtube. Also, I kind of believe that people should be rewarded for answering the phone quickly, and so… well, that’s not truly what I mean. What I truly mean is that I kind of believe people should be punished for not answering the phone quickly. So, as a punishment of sorts, I made the last half of this a kind of horrid battle between Al and the laughing audience. And he’s only able to get them …

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