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In our quest to compile everything by Three Studies for a Crucifixion, it came to our attention that they have three songs on the 49th Parallel compilation (as listed on discogs.com). But we only had that first song in the unofficial discography zip (includes the demo, and a live set). And the rip of that comp that’s cruising around only has 13 tracks…

Where were those other two songs? On the record, perhaps! So I borrowed the record from a friend. And lo, it turns out that the listing on …


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Here is the An American Tragedy compilation 7″.

an american tragedy

It features:

Dead Silence
Three Studies for a Crucifixion
Still Life

It was put out by Diffusion Records (Bloomington, Indiana) in 1996.

Dead Silence covers a song by a band called Dissent. I’m guessing it’s originally from the ’80s. It starts with, “Sometimes I get angry, but not in a selfish way.” And sometimes you play pretty catchy ’80s punk rock (which is also not a selfish thing)!

Then Three Studies for a Crucifixion arrives …


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Here’s the first Boys Life 7″. This was put out on Synergy Records, in 1993. It’s the first thing Synergy put out. I found this at a local record shop a couple weeks ago for $2! And it’s in untouched condition. It’s also, according to the insert (included in the d/l), one of the first 150 put out (because the label owners glued the song names on each side).

I was surprised to find that I couldn’t find a d/l of this record posted online. So here it is. And here’s a post on Chug Life with a bunch …


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Ricardo requested this. Here’s the 9 song End of the Line lp, released in 1993 on Ebullition. I’m fairly certain this is still available from Ebullition, and so the best way to obtain it is probably to ask your local record store to order it. I’m also really certain that Kent would be super stoked to be rid of them.

End of the Line has three members from Heroin, and one (the singer) from John Henry West / Han Shan. The drummer, Aaron, is currently in the Portland band, Dangerous Boys Club (he …


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Here’s the Thumbnail 7″ – The Sound of Thumbnail. File Thirteen Records, 1994.

I like Thumbnail a lot. I see them as like a mix between Car Vs Driver and (early) Unwound and Iconoclast and…Shotmaker. Is that crazy? I dunno. They’re steady, linear, not too fast, guided by bass and drums. I like their drummer – pretty snare-driven style, which is fun to drum along to.

All I’ve found online is their s/t album (which is great… and I just uploaded it! click here to d/l. 50mb), and a couple other …

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