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I really like this part of Back to the Beach, where the surf punk Zed makes his entrance at the surf contest. The “YEA” with the board slipping and hitting him in the face! Brilliant.

I edited a video clip of this… but the sync is WAY off after uploading to youtube, plus it cut out the last 16 seconds…? Does youtube really suck this much? I haven’t used it a whole lot. Maybe it doesn’t like .mov files. I deleted the clip.


1-Minute Read

Jim Banks, Bali, circa 1980. From Bali High.

Sorry, this gif is a little larger than usual.

I remember occasionally reading about Jim Banks in surf mags – usually a picture of him deep in a clean barrel, with a mention of how he retired from the pro circuit when still really young, and spent the rest of his years (decades) surfing in Indo.

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