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I have a new comic up on tiny mix tapes. It’s called The Six Basic Postures of Nunchuckti Yoga. Here’s an example.


I drew this with my new wacom tablet, the Intuous 4 Wireless. The Intuous 5 came out very recently, but after reading a bunch of reviews, and after using a 4, I decided on the 4. Previously, I’d been using a Wacom Bamboo, and I wasn’t impressed by it. I mostly just used it for touch-ups – I’d scan in art, and then clean up all the bad lines in Photoshop. But it would frequently …


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I have a new comic up on Tiny Mix Tapes called “Buttloads of Apps.”

It features five innovative app ideas.

Here’s one:

And four more. Click here to see them all.

I drew this in a moleskine notebook. And, unfortunately, moleskines have yellow-toned pages. In the past when I’ve scanned in drawings from moleskines, I’ve kept them black and white and then adjusted the tone to make the background butt white. But for this Buttloads of Apps comic I colored them with colored pencil. So adjusting the …


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I have a new comic up today on Tiny Mix Tapes. It’s called Bullies, and you can see it here.

My characters for the last couple years have for the most part been very standard-looking. So lately I’ve been trying to draw characters that are a little more cartoony. I took a look at the characters in this Phantom Truck comic (note: that was one of the very first comics I ever made). The man looks like a matroishka doll, and the woman is comprised of giant hair, legs, and some face. I think over the …

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