This is a small page for Agnes.

Agnes zip file, all six songs (25mb).

Or download them individually. While our four-track single-mic-dangling-from-the-ceiling recordings came out with more energy, this studio demo recording is all I have in a digital format:

  • Rickshaw Hellchild
  • A Man Called Reaganomics
  • Planes Mistaken for Stars
  • Mel Tormet
  • Circa 1981 (the large-hearted boy) (yes, the lyrics are ripped from GBV)
  • Japan
  • The band consisted of Neil, Tobias, Felipe, and Ryan (that’s me, on drums). We were from Santa Barbara, CA. I don’t know how long we were together. Maybe eight months — in 2001/2002. We started out in a storage room in my parents house, playing songs by the Rolling Stones, Guided by Voices, and others. Then we worked on our own songs. My parents moved. We played in a cramped room at Felipe’s. A case of cheap beer was always on hand during practice. (note the cooler of beer in that first shot.)
    We played some house shows in Isla Vista and Santa Barbara. Our friends liked us. It was fun.

    I wish I had some of the garage recordings.

    Hope you enjoy the songs!

    Photos by Perry Manuk.