Magical Hairbrushes

At first I had this “fantasy” comic, The Hairbrush of Nalsprinor, posted on Tiny Mix Tapes. But then people reacted positively to it, and asked me “what is going to happen next?” And I was like, “Nothing! It’s just a single comic.” But then I dwelled on it, and decided that, yes, I like drawing fantasy/adventure/haircare comics, and there’s a lot of room for growth* with the characters of Jillaene and Gregault, and so, YES, I’ll draw more.

And so I’m drawing more, and they’re being serialized on the awesomely great website, Nerd Puddle. I titled the series As The Wand Waves. Three are up so far, and more will be up soon! I’m having fun writing and drawing these. I hope you like them, too.

As The Wand Waves – part 1

As The Wand Waves – part 2

As The Wand Waves – part 3

*Such as, will Jillaene let her tangles get the best of her? Will Gregault be supportive or annoying? And what is their relationship all about any way?

Updated Writer Page

Ooh, updated the writers pages, so you can now easily see all the comics I’ve done for them. Check out my page here. I had one posted a couple days ago, called The Hairbrush of Nalsprinor. It’s a fantasy comic about a magical hairbrush!

I have a few more in the queue right now, and like four unfinished (somewhat ambitious) comics that I hope to complete soon.

Superhero Mayor

Yay, the Portland Mercury posted a drawing I did for the “Make Mayor Sam Adams a Super Hero” contest for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest. Here’s the post. And here’s the drawing:

I have some ideas for other stellar super hero personas for our cool mayor, and I think I’ll draw them. Also, I saw the mayor last Friday night at a newly-opened bar/restaurant.