Organ Cycling Practice

The space in my practice space is tight, and so things are arranged like a jigsaw. To play my electric organ I have to sit on the Exe-Trak Cycle. It’s a good way to get exercise while playing around, and also a good way to play around while getting exercise. Today I made a short video of me doing just that.

The sound was a little low, so I boosted it a smidge in garageband. I’m on dial-up, so I haven’t watched this since uploading it. (Also, this is the first video I’ve put on youtube! Expect more. I wish it didn’t take me 30 minutes to watch a single video… I’m missing out, I know it.)

Most of the keys on the organ do not work. So I don’t have a lot of range with those beats. Also, on the bottom keys I can’t press more than one at once. The top set of keys all work at different volumes. These limitations, though, allow me to almost get away with having no piano skills.

One thought on “Organ Cycling Practice

  1. this sounds/looks really good minus one or two notes. a great intro to the many facets of the ganatronic man. mandy steals the show though.

    i like your color sveltes panel.

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