My surf videos are all gone

Ack! All of those surf videos that I’ve posted to are gone. is no more. That sucks (well, they kind of sucked, too – half of the videos I’d uploaded were permanently “temporarily unavailable”). I’ll try to figure out another way to host/stream them. I have another one to add, too (Above and Beyond).

Tit Wrench Ringtone + Album

First off, here’s a ringtone. It takes a couple samples from the Tit Wrench song, Life Sucks, Do Me.

Download it

And then I thought I would post the album this came from. Tit Wrench – Full Employment.

You might know them from the Fear of Smell compilation (that song, Self Storage, is on this album). I have a lot of trouble describing this band. They employ industrial-sounding drum machines, with driving beats, synthesized vocals, and lots of samples. They remind me of Leather Strip. But they have punk rock roots; their tone is upbeat and humorous, and Vinyl Communication put out their stuff. I’ve had this CD for a long long time.

m4a format:
-Download Tit Wrench-

New comic about bullies

I have a new comic up today on Tiny Mix Tapes. It’s called Bullies, and you can see it here.

My characters for the last couple years have for the most part been very standard-looking. So lately I’ve been trying to draw characters that are a little more cartoony. I took a look at the characters in this Phantom Truck comic (note: that was one of the very first comics I ever made). The man looks like a matroishka doll, and the woman is comprised of giant hair, legs, and some face. I think over the years I’ve kept up, to a degree, the “giant hair” motif. But not the matroishka body. So for this bullies comic, I again made the bodies look like bowling pins. And I colored their hair in the same way as the old man from my Svelte comic.