Magical Hairbrushes

At first I had this “fantasy” comic, The Hairbrush of Nalsprinor, posted on Tiny Mix Tapes. But then people reacted positively to it, and asked me “what is going to happen next?” And I was like, “Nothing! It’s just a single comic.” But then I dwelled on it, and decided that, yes, I like drawing fantasy/adventure/haircare comics, and there’s a lot of room for growth* with the characters of Jillaene and Gregault, and so, YES, I’ll draw more.

And so I’m drawing more, and they’re being serialized on the awesomely great website, Nerd Puddle. I titled the series As The Wand Waves. Three are up so far, and more will be up soon! I’m having fun writing and drawing these. I hope you like them, too.

As The Wand Waves – part 1

As The Wand Waves – part 2

As The Wand Waves – part 3

*Such as, will Jillaene let her tangles get the best of her? Will Gregault be supportive or annoying? And what is their relationship all about any way?