Palatka – The End of Irony

Yes, you probably have this already! But I was informed by a friend that the rips of this record that he was finding to download were ccrraappppyy. So I ripped it anew. Plus I scanned all the inserts.


Their music is frantic and frenzied, with multiple vocalists caught within a barrage of sound. Following the lyrics is crucial to appreciating this record. Like many bands from Gainesville, Florida in the late ’90s, their lyrics/messages focus a lot on being sincere and engaged and not materialistic and on NOT being like those other hardcore punks who are laming out the scene. Seriously! Those other people are ruining everything – so this is how we “take it back.”

It’s just a one-sided lp. No Idea put it out in 1999.

They remind me somewhat of Tem Eyos Ki.

Click here to listen to a track. (uh, sorry, I usually embed a player in the posts, but I had already uploaded this to a different folder… anyway.)

download Palatka – The End of Irony

Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning For The Blind

Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning for the Blind.

Out in 1994, on the All The President’s Men compilation.

Why not compare the recorded version with the live version? Just for fun!

Their 7” on Repercussion is one of my faves. But they put out a lot of stuff! I like how all the members sing (on different songs).