End of the Line

Ricardo requested this. Here’s the 9 song End of the Line lp, released in 1993 on Ebullition. I’m fairly certain this is still available from Ebullition, and so the best way to obtain it is probably to ask your local record store to order it. I’m also really certain that Kent would be super stoked to be rid of them.

End of the Line has three members from Heroin, and one (the singer) from John Henry West / Han Shan. The drummer, Aaron, is currently in the Portland band, Dangerous Boys Club (he drummed in Heroin and sang in Antioch Arrow… so check out his current band). So… this lp should already be familiar?

Here’s the last song on side a.

When I was first learning to drum, I emulated this style. I basically learned by listening to Heroin and this lp on my headphones while I practiced. It took me a while to get this fast beat down – two high hat hits, two snare hits, four bass hits, one cymbal: REPEAT. I hadn’t heard it before Heroin. But then Mohinder, Antioch Arrow, and a few others repeated it exactly. I gathered that this was the way to play fast. And it’s much more interesting than straight blast beats or speed metal beats. Still, when I played in this machine kills I didn’t really have it correct – I didn’t get it straight until the band after that (but, no recordings exist!)

This lp is all they recorded. They had a version of Burning Down on the Give Me Back compilation (1991).

One thing amuses me: to think about how the big mainstream fad at this time was “grunge” music. To think about how Nirvana and Soundgarden – at the time even – appealed to my parents, but how bands like this one really took punk and said, “I’m speeding it up, I’m making it heavier and crazier and fuck sitting around in a studio polishing our cymbals, here’s some loud, fast, spazzy shit!” And they didn’t need to dress the part, either.

End of the Line